Thoughts on Relationships

What is the secret to a long, happy, and healthy relationship?

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships, especially the strong, long-lasting ones. When you really study the couples that have stayed together for many years, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t that difficult to have a happy relationship. Although just about every couple will run into rough patches, how they deal with them and how they move forward is what’s important.

Here are a few secrets I discovered on how to stay happy and have long relationships in life and love:

• Don’t fight or argue over the smallest things
• Remember it always takes two to argue
• Be committed in your relationship
• Enter your relationship with a view to the long term
• Always listen to both points of view
• Don’t let money issues become a huge issue

When problems or issues come up, don’t ignore them and let things smoulder for days or weeks, this will only make things worse. Tackle any problems head on with an open mind.

Spring! Let’s Get Organized

Every year around this time I start to feel the clutter pressing in on me. It’s not that things necessarily need to be thrown away–although some stuff does–it’s that it needs to be organized.

Some people are natural born organizers. Others, well… not so much. If you fall in the latter category, don’t worry I have some tips to help you out. With a little practice, you’ll look like a “natural born” organizer in no time! So, let’s get started…
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Change One Thing

Sometimes it seems like nothing works the way it should. If you’re a human, you have probably hit that point where work is no fun, relationship is a struggle and you don’t even feel comfortable in your body.

At times like these, changing your life can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to do…where do you even start?

It’s quite simple, really…just change ONE thing.

  • Read a magazine you wouldn’t normally consider picking up.
  • Try a new type of restaurant.
  • Take a different route to work.

Any simple change of routine can shift your perspective, and has the potential to drastically transform your life.

It’s like a ship at sea…if it changes course even one degree, 100 miles later it’s in completely new waters.

Of course, the most profound shifts are the ones you make on the inside. Annoyance can easily be turned into fascination. Frustration can be flipped to become gratitude. Even anger can be transformed if you simply turn it into a song.

You don’t have to tackle the whole enchilada, just make one simple shift.

And the best part is…it’s all experimentation. If you don’t like your new perspective, you can always go back to your old one.

What “one-degree” shift can YOU make TODAY?

Your Morning Routine

Last time, I wrote about making choices and how they affected your life. Today, I want to talk about one important choice you make every day—your morning routine.

Your morning routine sets the tone for your day. It plays a big part in how you handle the day and determines how the rest of your day will go.

How often do you jump out of the bed, get ready and dash out the door to work or rush to get the kids off to school? Then, the rest of the day you feel stressed, constantly on the go and behind schedule. Creating some quiet time in the morning, to ease into your day, will better equip you to handle any situation that comes up during the day. Starting your morning with quiet time won’t make all your troubles go away. It won’t prevent the day from trying to tackle you. It will, however, give you a better foundation and a better mindset to deal with the problems and issues that come up throughout the day.

So, how do you create a more peaceful morning?
Try getting up half an hour earlier and spent the time on quiet activities: reading the Bible, meditating, writing in a journal, etc. I’ve found that thinking about what I’m grateful for, always helps me start the day in a positive and relaxed mood. If you’re the kind of person who hits the alarm, jumps out of bed and immediately has to get everyone else awake, your morning most likely feels hectic. Just getting half an hour of quiet time to enjoy coffee or tea and get your head together can do help a lot

Nowadays, too many people start their day on Facebook, or Twitter, or other social media sites. Or they immediately turn on the T.V. To catch up on the latest news. When you start your day like this, you are allowing other people’s moods and situations dictate how your day will go. It isn’t necessary, or healthy, to start your day worrying about what your friends are doing or what bad thing happened in the world while you slept.

Spend time with yourself in the morning before grabbing your phone or sitting at the computer. You’ll be in a better place mentally and emotionally to deal with all the chaos in the world.

Take care of yourself first and your friends later. Try to create a good morning routine for yourself. Start easy and gradually add to it. Within a few weeks or months, you’ll be glad you did.

Do you have a relaxing morning routine? Tell me, how do you start your day?

The Choices You Make

Life is about choices. Each day we are faced with choices. Sometimes they are the same choices as yesterday. It doesn’t matter what you want to change in your life, you will be facing many choices on the way to your goals. Things will pop up each day, throughout the day, being prepared ahead of time will help you make the better choice.

Whatever the situation, making choices is not a one size fits all type of decision. Let’s say you’ve made the choice to lose weight. Every day you will be faced with choices that will either keep you on track or lead you astray. Will you have fruit instead of cheesecake? Will you choose vegetables instead of pasta smothered in tomato sauce? Will you choose to exercise or skip it?

So you make the better choices today, great! However you need to realize that you will be faced with the same kinds of choices again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…and so on. Some days you may not make the better choice. Being aware that you will have to continue making daily choices can help your resolve and help you get throught the moment of decision.

If you sleep late, put off working on a project, grab a donut or flop in front of the TV instead of doing something productive, remember you made those choices. Habits can be hard to break, but it’s ultimately you who decides in each situation which choice you’re going to make. It’s you who decides whether or not you will make a choice that leads you closer to your goals or farther away from your goals.

Peer pressure can also lead you to make bad choices. We tend to think of peer pressure being exclusive to teenagers, but the truth is we are all subject to peer pressure. How many times have you gone on a diet and as soon as you get together with friends they try to coax you into having dessert? They tell you to “live it up a little, you can get back on your diet tomorrow.” It’s in those moments when we usually cave in and have the dessert. Even though it was your friends who lead you to the wrong choice in that moment, it’s still your responsibility to own up to the fact that you made the choice.

Start thinking more about the choices you make. Make the decision to make better choices each day. Also, realize that sometimes things will pop up that you aren’t prepared for. But if you make a conscious effort to always be aware of the choices you make, you can stick to making better choices, despite peer pressure or what’s going on in your life.

What choices have you made lately that were in line with your goals? How about the ones that were not helping you reach your goals?

New Toy

I bought new voice recognition software this week and spent the morning setting it up. I used to have an older version on my laptop, but no longer have the laptop.

It’s the newest version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I wrote about the software at Blogging Made Easy…Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I debated on getting it for my desktop, but realized how spoiled I am. I’d much rather talk, then type. As my iPhone and my Kindle Fire both have the talk-to-type feature, I decided my desktop needed it too.

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 turns out to be a great one for you all.

‟A new year, a new you!” We hear it every year at this time.

Truthfully, I don’t like the phrase. I’d like to suggest instead: ‟A new day, a new you!”

Why must we wait until the beginning of a new year to work on becoming a better person (lose weight, save more money, be happy, etc.)? Every morning we atre gifted with a ‟blank slate” consisting of 24 hours. Hours that we have to do, create, or act in any way we want to. Many of us sit back and let these hours slide by without notice. Why not start being more intentional in how we use them? Imagine the things we could accomplish today, and every day, without waiting for January 1 every year.

Will you join me in replacing the old, tired cliche with this new one? Maybe post it on social media, or in your emails. Let’s start a ‟revolution!”

A new day, a new you!”

new day

HEAVEN IS FOR REAL: book review

I discovered this book has been made into a film that is going to be in theaters around Easter. I hope it is true to the book and not “Hollywood-ized.”

I enjoyed the book very much and wrote this review a couple of years ago. I hope reading this will inspire you to either read the book or see the movie. It is an awesome story.

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Distracted by Technology

Five years ago if you had told me I’d have more than a desktop computer, I would have told you, “No way.” However, today I not only have my desktop, I also have a laptop, a Kindle Touch, a Kindle Fire, and an IPhone.

I added the IPhone this week. I have to laugh because five years ago I was adamant that I didn’t want (and didn’t need) a cellphone. I refused to be “so accessible.”

When I got my first cellphone, I was hooked. It was a basic phone that I could text, go online and, of course, make phone calls with. I was content with those features. My reason for getting it was because I wanted my own “private” phone; I had moved in with Greg and his mother and shared the house phone.
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