Spring! Let’s Get Organized

Every year around this time I start to feel the clutter pressing in on me. It’s not that things necessarily need to be thrown away–although some stuff does–it’s that it needs to be organized.

Some people are natural born organizers. Others, well… not so much. If you fall in the latter category, don’t worry I have some tips to help you out. With a little practice, you’ll look like a “natural born” organizer in no time! So, let’s get started…

Focus On One Room for 15 Minutes

Looking at a big to-do list filled with different organizing projects can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on one room. Once you get the kitchen organized, move on to your closet, and when that’s finished, move on to the next task.

By focusing on one item at a time, your mind will be more focused and it will be a lot easier to accomplish your goals.

Creative Storage Solutions

Many people are “unorganized” simply because they lack storage space. If this sounds like your house, invest in some creative storage solutions. For example, many ottomans have storage builtin, like a “chest” covered with fabric and a lid where you can store items.

Also, be on the lookout for cute boxes, containers, shelves, etc. You can display them around the home while they double as containers for all your stuff.

Get The Family Involved

Once a week, schedule a family cleaning day. You can assign a different room to each family member or have them gather all of their belongings from around the house and put them back where they belong. The work will get done a lot quicker when everyone pitches in.

Go With The Flow

If you have a hard time keeping things organized, you may be working against the flow of your home. Let’s take the kitchen for example: The cupboards that are closest to your sink area will be a natural place for storing plates, cups, and bowls. The cupboards nearest to your stove should contain spices, oils, and other cooking essentials. This way, you’re not running back and forth against the natural order of your kitchen.

Stay A Step Ahead Of Schedule

The morning rush is hectic enough, all by itself. Help it run smoother by doing what you can the night before such as getting the kids’ school clothes out, organizing their backpacks and placing them by the door, making lunches, and so forth.

Keep that momentum all day by always being on the look-out for little things you can do to stay ahead of schedule.

These are just a few ways to “de-clutter” your life, and home, so you can have more time to enjoy the warmth and freshness of the Spring season. Please comment below any tips you can add to the list.

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