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I like to write about personal experiences. My articles give glimpses into experiences I’ve had;; stories about my relationships, my health and my life. I try to write the articles in an entertaining, yet, informative style.

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Your Kitty Has AIDS
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline AIDS

My family called him Sick Kitty; I called him Bruno. He was scrawny and battered looking. His fur was drab and ratty, one ear had a chunk bitten off, and his nose was bloody. We thought he had been in a fight. With sad eyes, he warily watched the world around him. Little did we know he would stay and become one of the family. [more…]

Blinded by the Light

Grasping my companion’s arm, slowly I walk to the car. My eyes closed to block out the bright sunlight. I feel the heat warming my eyelids; even my sunglasses are useless. I am like a blind person, but I am not blind.[more…]

Safety Girl and Plain Joe

Online dating, I tried it once and got burned, why am I doing it again? I ask myself as I once again post my profile to an online site in February of 2007. [more…]