My Story

Me looking at the Pacific Ocean

Reading and writing were my closest friends growing up. I would spend hours in my room devouring the words that took me to another time and place.

My Grandmother was a writer. When I read her poems, I could see the places she described. Knowing that an ‚Äúordinary‚ÄĚ person could write so magically inspired me to try writing.

I enrolled in every writing class possible while attending college. Other than art, these classes were the most enjoyable. Even before going to college, I was always writing short scenes and story lines on pieces of paper.

After college I needed to pursue a “real” job, so I put aside my dreams of writing to pursue a “real” job. Although at seventeen I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I managed to earn a B.A. in Elementary Education. Unfortunately the schools weren’t hiring when I graduated. The local community college, however, was looking for tutors; I tutored general chemistry and math for thirteen years.

The deterioration of my health in 2005 forced me to quit work. To keep occupied I started painting again. Creating art allowed me to focus less on my pain and more on the amazing world in which we live.

Recently, I started writing again. I mainly write nonfiction articles, although I occasionally dabble in poetry and short story writing. I enjoy the creative process and like to explore the different qualities and limitations of fiction and non-fiction.

Other Websites

I’m in the possess of writing my memoir,¬†Diagnosed at Seventeen; My Struggles and Triumphs Living with¬†Rheumatoid¬†Arthritis. If you want to follow my progress go to Diagnosed at Seventeen¬†and sign up for my mailing list.

At Ruthie’s Bookshelf¬†you¬†can find all the books I’ve written; Greg’s books are there too. I’ve provided links so you can buy them, too.

You can read about my faith and it’s influence in my life at my website I Live by Faith,

My fiancé, Greg Laws is an artist. You can see his work at his site, Check out his comic strip, Curly Wolf.and his other Drawings. You will find links to buy the Curly Wolf books at his website.