5 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

The price of groceries keeps rising. Here are 5 ways to help you save money at the grocery store.

Don’t limit yourself to one store: Unless you live in a very small, rural town, you have more than one grocery store available to shop in. Take a few minutes to look at their sales flyers (they may get mailed to you, or you may have to look online.) Why pay more for something at one store, when it’s on sale at another store?

Get organized before you go: If you take the time to make a list. Knowing what you need beforehand helps reduce impulse spending  If you use coupons, look for stores that double the amount.

Don’t Be Fooled By Brand Names: Why pay more for brand names when the store brand is just as good? Try switching a few things out during your next shopping visit. I bet your family won’t notice the difference (but your wallet will notice the savings).

Make It Yourself: Buying a rotisserie chicken and pre-made potato salad at the grocery store saves you time, but it costs you more money. Try to prepare more meals at home; you’ll not only save money, but the food will taste fresher. Can’t cook? Search for simple recipes online and follow the instructions. You may discover a new favorite.

Leave The Kids At Home:  It’s a lot easier to stick to your shopping list and your budget when you leave the kids at home.

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