Occasionally, I like to take a break from writing and do something different. It might be painting—I love working with watercolors– or reading a great book. Last week, I felt that need. I think I was experiencing a “January funk’ when it came to writing. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get the words on the paper to make sense. After several attempts, I gave in to my muse and left her alone. To re-energize, I decided to flex a different creative muscle. I took on two projects; both were developing and publishing someone else’s book.

The first book was another of my grandmother’s poetry books. This one was filled with poems about the four seasons. Her words are magical and brings many images to mind when I read them. Same as the last book, proceeds, except fees, are donated to Mt Hood Hospice.

 Seasons' Medley A Poetic Journey Through the Year

The other book I set up on Amazon is a “little tale of a little girl” written and illustrated by Greg. The idea came from a comment her sister made one day when my cat attacked and scratched me.

 A Children's Book of Little Note and No Discernible Message, But Was Fun to Do

Both books are available in Kindle and paperback form. If you buy the paperback, Amazon allows you to get the Kindle version at a reduced price. You can check them out by clicking on the images above.

I’m refreshed and ready to get back to writing now. My mini vacation has given me a clearer mind and increased creativity. How do you relax when your feeling the blahs? Leave your ideas below and maybe they’ll inspire others to take a break, also.

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