Have a Pancake Party

(NOTE) This is an article I wrote in 2010. I thought you would like to read it. When you aren’t sure what to make far a meal, pancakes are a great idea. And making a party out of them is always fun.


The butter sizzles and dances on the surface of the griddle. I watch as Momma pours the thick batter into the shape of an R, the first letter of my name. More batter, more letters; we are having a “Pancake Party.”

Occasionally, my mom and my Aunt Elna would mix up a big bowl of pancake batter, gather us kids together, and give us pancakes for supper. These weren’t ordinary, plain, round pancakes; they were unique, fancy, odd shaped pancakes.

Our imaginations ran wild as we made suggestions for shapes we wanted to see. “Make a flower.” We would say. “Can you make a boy, or a girl?” The free-formed shapes didn’t look perfect, but that didn’t matter to us. However, if you want shapes that are more defined you can cut out the desired shape from the cooked pancake using a cookie cutter, or, coat the inside of a metal cutter with a nonstick cooking spray, set it on the griddle and fill with batter. Don’t over-fill, but be sure the entire inside area is covered; a thin layer works well. When the batter is set, remove the cutter and finish cooking.

For a twist, they would separate out some of the batter and add other ingredients, such as whole kernel corn or crispy bacon bits.

For a sweet touch, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips or marshmallows adorned the pancakes. They are carefully put them on top of the browned side after flipping; they will be perfectly melted when the cake is done. This method worked better than mixing them into the batter as the sugary ingredient would burn before the pancake was done.

We had a variety of stuff set out to decorate the finished pancakes: colored sugar, raisins, squirt bottles filled with different flavored syrups, etc. Use your imagination, for a savory taste you could provide ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and so on.

You can have a Pancake Party anytime, but holidays and birthdays are special times to have them. Celebrate these times by pouring the batter into the familiar shapes of the occasion. Below are some suggestions. Experiment with ideas of your own.

Birthday • age of the child celebrating the birthday • simple shaped toys such as balls, trucks, dolls • flowers • brightly decorated gifts

Easter • cross • bunnies • basket • colorful eggs

Valentine’s Day • hearts • flowers • lip shaped

Christmas • decorated tree ornaments • christmas tree • presents • toys

July 04, 2010

2 thoughts on “Have a Pancake Party

    • Thanks for commenting, Dennise. I looked forward to our pancake suppers, especially the ones that all the cousins were at. I knew they would always become a party. Even when it wasn’t a holiday. 🙂

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