Distracted by Technology

Five years ago if you had told me I’d have more than a desktop computer, I would have told you, “No way.” However, today I not only have my desktop, I also have a laptop, a Kindle Touch, a Kindle Fire, and an IPhone.

I added the IPhone this week. I have to laugh because five years ago I was adamant that I didn’t want (and didn’t need) a cellphone. I refused to be “so accessible.”

When I got my first cellphone, I was hooked. It was a basic phone that I could text, go online and, of course, make phone calls with. I was content with those features. My reason for getting it was because I wanted my own “private” phone; I had moved in with Greg and his mother and shared the house phone.

With all my “toys” it’s easy to get distracted from my writing. I found myself spending time changing the settings on my new phone several times yesterday instead of writing this post. So, I am a day behind in my schedule.

I know the distraction of a new thing eventually wears off, but I’m having a lot of fun discovering the features of my IPhone. One of those features is setting”reminders.” I’ve used it a few times and intend to use it often.

It’s good to get new things. Technology improves and upgrades many times in a year (month?), enjoy the progress, but don’t let it distract you from life. I’m going to try not to from now on.

What distracts you from doing what needs to be done? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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