Innocent Comments can Change Lives

I am a writer.

I am an author.

It doesn’t matter which title you give me, I’m excited to be in either category. Frankly, I never dreamed I’d be writing stories and books as a career. Although, I have always enjoyed reading, I would occasionally try my hand at creating a short poem, or a snippet of a scene for a story. My passion has always been painting. I enjoy taming the wild properties of watercolors: mixing colors without them getting ‟muddy,” controlling the drips of too wet paint, and developing light or dark areas where I want on the picture.

So, how did I become a writer? From an innocent comment in an email.

Not long after Greg and I met, he sent me an email with the sentence, ‟You should be a writer.” He told me that my last message detailing my recent grocery trip was so descriptive he could see and smell the stuff I bought.

His words sparked a desire in me I didn’t know existed. After much prayer and thought, I enrolled in an online writing course. That was five years ago. During that time I’ve written several personal essays and I’m working on a book I’m calling Diagnosed at Seventeen, My Struggles and Triumphs Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

How about you, have you experienced a life-changing moment that began with an innocent comment or subtle action from someone or something? I’d love to hear your story. Also, please do leave any comments below.






2 thoughts on “Innocent Comments can Change Lives

  1. I wish you luck with your writing, I have no desire to write a book, but after raising four sons and going through life with all of John`s health issues I sure could. My final chapter would be finding Dale and living a dream life. Hope all goes well with you……..

    • Thanks, Gail.
      You’re right, not everyone wants to, or should write a book. However, sometimes it’s nice to get down the memories for your family. When that’s the goal, recording might be the easy answer.

      Of course you could always hire a ghost writer. 🙂

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