An empty spot in my heart…

I’ve written about Sasha in other posts: here and here. Last night she went to play with loved ones in Heaven. I’m deeply sad, and yet relieved she is no longer suffering. She was my companion, my rock in times of grief, my joy all the time, my baby.

Sasha 1996-2015
Thank you, Sasha for 19 years of your love and loyalty.

4 thoughts on “An empty spot in my heart…

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your companion, your friend. I lost my Cat a few years ago, and I am still surprised at how much his loss continues to affect me. It is amazing how much they give us, isn’t it? To your Sasha and my Flummery… take care! ~Carolynn

    • Yes, it was heart wrenching to lose her, BUT she had a long, pampered life. I’ll always have her in my heart.

      I miss her so much at times, I imagine hearing her meow. This actually makes me feel good.

    • Thanks. She was a great comfort when I was going through hard emotional times. I’m grateful I decided to hold her in my lap for awhile on Thursday since she was gone by Friday morning.

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