Thoughts on Relationships

What is the secret to a long, happy, and healthy relationship?

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships, especially the strong, long-lasting ones. When you really study the couples that have stayed together for many years, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t that difficult to have a happy relationship. Although just about every couple will run into rough patches, how they deal with them and how they move forward is what’s important.

Here are a few secrets I discovered on how to stay happy and have long relationships in life and love:

• Don’t fight or argue over the smallest things
• Remember it always takes two to argue
• Be committed in your relationship
• Enter your relationship with a view to the long term
• Always listen to both points of view
• Don’t let money issues become a huge issue

When problems or issues come up, don’t ignore them and let things smoulder for days or weeks, this will only make things worse. Tackle any problems head on with an open mind.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Relationships

  1. I love your points. They are important to a long-term relationship working. I also found that if I think the other person is doing something that bothers me, I need to see what I’m doing that makes the person do those things. Then, if I change, they will change. So, if you think they need to change, change yourself first. Most often the problem goes away with your changes.

    • Yes! So often we are the catalyst for another person’s bad behavior. Always a good thing to look into your actions to see where you need change.
      Thanks for reading my blog!

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